Baitun Nur Mosque Calgary

Here is a 3D model of the Baitun Nur Mosque in Calgary. The video consists of a series of different camera shots around the model. I created the model with Blender v2.8. Getting the texture of the Mosque was the most challenging part of making this model. I am also very impatient, so another challenge was waiting for the entire thing to render. I overcame this challenge by making a series of smaller renders, and I put the whole video together using Adobe Premiere Pro.

The Baitun Nur Mosque is the largest in all of North America. The Mosque is a place of worship for Ahmadi Muslims of Calgary. Not only is the Mosque beautiful from the outside, but the beauty continues to the indoors as well. I am hoping soon in the future, with my increase in skills, I will be able to model the inside. The Mosque is open to giving tours to everyone, and they are very welcoming to new people. If you get the chance, please make a trip here to get the whole experience.